The Tsaanin 'Gym (Japanese: さあ忍ジム Tsaanin Gym) is the official gym of Tsaanin City. The Gym Leaders are Tar, Acha, and Poch, who specializes in Grass, Fire and Water-type Pokemon respectively. Trainers who defeat them receive the Starter Badge'.

Tsaanin Gym

さあ忍ジムTsaanin Gym

Location Tsaanin City
Gym Leader Tar, Acha and Poch
Badge Starter Badge
Dominant Type Grass, Fire , and Water
Region Tasshu

In the gamesEdit

The Tsaanin Gym is based on a restaurant. Aside from the lobby, it consist of three different rooms. There are waitress in every rooms beside the curtain. The Puzzle within the Tsaanin City tests your knowledge of Pokemon's type and ability. The player will be given questions from each waitress. One he/she has answered the question correctly, the player will be able to go through the curtain after it has been opened unti the end of the gym and battle the gym leader. The gym leader will be battled the player if he/she choosed one of the type starter. If the player chooses Grass-type, they will be facing Acha. If the player chooses Fire-type, they will be facing Poch. If the player chooses Water-type, they will be facing Tar.

Pokemon Sunlight and MidnightEdit

  • 1. Trainer: Waiter Kouya
  • Reward: 440

1. Yorterrie Lv.11♂

  • 2. Trainer': Waitress 'Miku
  • Reward: 440

1. Ratatta Lv.10♀

2. Skitty Lv.10♀

If the player choose Water-type starter:

  • Leader: Tar
  • Gym: Tsaanin Gym
  • Item Used: Potion 2x
  • Reward: 1680

1. Yorterrie Lv.12 Type: Normal Ability: Pickup♂

Moves:-Cheer Up-Bite-Odor Sleuth-Helping Hand

2. Tsutarja Lv.14 Type: Grass Ability: Overgrow♂

Moves:-Tackle-Leer-Vine Whip-Growth

If the player choose Grass-type starter:

  • Leader: Acha
  • Gym: Tsaanin Gym
  • Item Used: Potion 2x
  • Reward: 1680

1. Zigzagoon Lv.12 Type: Normal Ability: Gluttony♀

Moves:-Tackle-Cheer Up-Tail Whip-Headbutt

2. Torchic Lv.14 Type: Fire Ability: Blaze♀

Moves:-Scratch-Growl-Focus Energy-Ember

If the player choose Fire-type starter:

  • Leader: Poch
  • Gym: Tsaanin Gym
  • Item Used: Potion 2x
  • Reward: 1680

1. Bidoof Lv.12 Type: Normal Ability: Unaware♂

Moves:-Tackle-Growl-Defense Curl-Cheer Up

2. Piplup Lv.14 Type: Water Ability: Torrent♂

Moves:-Pound-Growl-Bubble-Water Sport


After Tar, Acha, or Poch is defeated, the player will be given the Starter Badge, TM83 (Cheer Up), and the ability to use cut outside.


1. Fresh Water (SLMN): From Gaido at the entrance.

In the animeEdit