Sapphire's Croconaw (スカイ アリゲイツ Sora's Alligates) is Sapphire's Sixth Pokemon to be Obtained.


  • Debuts In: "The Right Place and The Right Mime"
  • Caught At: Pallet Town
  • Evolves In:
    • Prior to Staging a Heroes Welcome
  • Gender: Female*(Dub Only)
  • Ability: Unknown
  • Current Location: At Violet's Home


Pokemon Emerald SeriesEdit

Pokemon Platinum SeriesEdit

Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver SeriesEdit

Pokemon Battle Showdown SeriesEdit

Known MovesEdit

Known Move First Used
Water Pulse Hooking On Onix
Scratch On Cloud The Arcanine
Water Gun On Cloud The Arcanine
Ice Beam The Cerulean Con
Crunch On Olden Pond
Rain Dance Curbing The Crimson Tide
Aqua Tail Staging a Heroes Welcome
Hydro Pump HGSS037
Brick Break HGSS037