Sapphire's Absol (Japanese: スカイ アブソル Sora's Absol) is the ninth Pokemon obtained by Sapphire. It was originally owned by Princess Kasumi and later given to Sapphire.


Seiing they have identical appearance, Kasumi and Sapphire switches place so the former can participate in a Pokémon Contest. Using Absol, Kasumi performs very well in the initial round. She also uses Absol in the final round against Jessie's Yanmega. She managed to win the Match, and thus, the contest. Kasumi later gives Absol to Sapphire to fullfill its dream of participating in the contest.

In BS013, Sapphire uses Absol in the battle against Dawn's Togekiss and loses by Togekiss's Aura Sphere.

In BS014, Absol was used in Falamor Town Contest in the visual round by Sapphire and made it through and uses it on the second round.


  • Debuts in: BS012
  • Caught In: Moonlight Town
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Super Luck
  • Current Location: With Sapphire

Known MovesEdit

Known Moves First Used
Razor Wind BS012
Night Slash BS012
Perish Song BS012
Water Pulse BS012
Swift BS013
Thunderbolt BS013
Protect BS014
Iron Tail BS014
Will-O-Wisp BS014


  • Absol was first revealed in the japanes opening The Greatest - Everyday/2010 Version.
  • Absol is the second pokemon that belongs to Sapphire from another traines especially in Pokemon Contest. The first one is Skitty.