(Japanese: リオナ Riona) is a character in The Wishing Star: Jirachi.

Riona's ProfileEdit

  • Name: Riona
  • Japanese Name: リオナ Riona
  • Gender: Female
  • Hometown: Pallet Town
  • Region: Kanto
  • Anime Debut: The Wishing Star: Jirachi


At the beginning of the film, Riona appears to be a Pokemon Researcher. Though intelligent, she is hothead and stubborn; when Gold calls her and old lady, she accompanies Ash, his friends, and Slowbro into the Star Cave which have to be crossed into the Streaming River. She cross over the river with her Latios and Latias along with the others. Until, Dark Mask and Eve appear before them in the Star Cave to try hunt Jirachi. Riona almost defeated Eve but accidentalyy opened the Darkness opened into the Whole Pokemon World. Along with Karu and Slowbro, she protects the other Pokemon by using Safeguard to not absorbed by the Darkness.

When Ash and his friends able to sealed again the Darkness and Jirachi granted Ash's last wish to restore the damage caused by the Darkness, Riona and Karu was seen in a Safeguard Forest seeing the restored damage. She is seen again thanking Ash and his friends to sealed again and confessing Karu that she in love with him.

Along with Karu, she later published the story exposing Dark Mask schemes and Jirachi's secret. She is last seen sailing off somewhere far away with Karu, Cresselia, Latias, Latios and Slowbro accompanying her to protect Jirachi's Millenium comet.


On HandEdit

Spr 4p 380 DP Platinum HGSS Latios
Riona's Latias Riona's Latios


HGSS Slowbro Platinum HGSS Cresselia Spr 4d 385
Slowbro (Movie 28) Cresselia (Moovie 28)