(Japanese: リンリアRinria) is the Gym Leader of Raito City's Gym, known officialy as the Raito Gym. She specializes in Psychic-type Pokemon. She gives the Eye Badge to trainers who defeat her. Like Sabrina, she has a psychic ability which train her Psychic Pokemons.



"The Psychic Scientist!"

Artwork from Sunlight and Midnight

Gender Female
Eye color Lime Green
Hair color Pink
Hometown Raito City
Region Tasshu
Relatives unnamed mother
Trainer class Gym Leader, Scientist
Generation V
Games Sunlight and Midnight
Leader of Raito Gym
Badge Eye Badge
Specializes in Psychic-types

In the gamesEdit

Rinria appears in Pokemon Sunlight and Midnight as the Gym Leader of Raito City's gym. This gym will be the fourth to be challenged by the player. Trainers who defeat Rinria will receive the Eye Badge, along with TM03 (Psycho Shock). She also reappers at Fairy Hollow where she and the other Tasshu Gym Leaders and Elite fours hold off Fairy Tail. In the Summer, she visits Cynthia at Sakurai Town. In Spring Night, she appears at the parade of Sakurai Festival.


  • Leader: Rinria
  • Gym: Raito Gym
  • Item Used: Super Potion 3x
  • Reward: 3240

1. Kirlia Lv.25 Type: Psychic Ability: Synchronize♀

Moves:-Confusion-Healing Wave-Psycho Shock-Double Team

2. Munna Lv.25 Type: Psychic Ability: Forewarn♂

Moves:-Hypnosis-Synchro Noise-Psycho Shock-Moonlight

3. Gallade Lv.27 Type: Psychic/Fighting Ability: Steadfast♂

Moves:-Psycho Shock-Leaf Blade-Swords Dance-Fury Cutter