(Japanese: ミリサ Mirissa) is the Gym Leader of the Makafi City's Gym, known officially as the Makafi Gym. She specializes in Ghost-type Pokemon. She gives the Shadow Badge to trainers who defeat her.


ミリサ Mirissa

"The alluring teather Actress"

Artwork from Sunlight and Midnight

Gender Female
Eye color Indigo Purple
Hair color Black
Hometown Makafi City
Region Tasshu
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation V
Games Sunlight and Midnight
Leader of Makafi Gym
Badge Shadow Badge
Specializes in Ghost-types

In the gamesEdit

Mirissa will appear in Pokemon Sunlight and Midnight as the Gym Leader of Makafi City's gym. This gym will be the second to be challenged by the player. Trainers who defeat Mirissa will receive the Shadow Badge and TM30 (Shadow Ball). She appears again in Kuraipichi Forest after the player defeats Team Fairy Tail, where she gives the player a Dusk Stone. She also reappears again at Fairy Hollow where she and the other Tasshu Gym Leaders and Elite fours hold off the Fairy Tail. In the Summer, she visits Cynthia in Sakurai Town. In Spring night, she appears in the parade at Sakurai Festival.


  • Leader: Mirissa
  • Gym: Makafi Gym
  • Item Used: Potion 3x
  • Reward: 2400

1. Hitomoshi Lv.18 Type: Ghost/Fire Ability: Flash Fire♀

Moves:-Minimize-Shadow Ball-Confuse Ray-Will-O-Wisp

2. Misdreavus Lv.20 Type: Ghost Ability: Levitate♀

Moves:-Shadow Ball-Psywave-Growl-Mean Look


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