Miki (ミキ Miki) is one of two characters Ash and Company meet in the beginning of the movie The Wishing Star: Jirachi. She is accompanied by Manta. She, along with Manta, had a tag battle with Ash and Green for the fruits and explained them about the Illusion forest. As Ash and his friends sealed the Darkness, with Jirachi grant Ash's wish and restoring the damage, Manta and Miki can be seen by a bridge witnessing the regenaration bridge's structure. Miki and Manta is seen in the ending credits eat dinner with Sapphire, Ruby, and Violet at Hoenn.
Movie 28 Miki and Manta

Miki (right) and Manta



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Miki used Leafeon in the tag battle against Ash and Green over the fruits that Manta and Miki had collected but had washed down the river. In the battle Leafeon was partnered with Manta's Glaceon and proved to be a very difficult opponent, almost defeating Pikachu and Blastoise however in the end it was defeated by Pikachu's Thunderbolt while trapped by Blastoise's Whirlpool. After the battle, it was seen enjoying the watermelons along with the other. It was seen again in the credits, playing along with Skitty.

Leafeon's known attacks are Bullet Seed, Iron Tail and Shadow Ball.

The Wishing Star: Jirachi