AchaAiAlways There For You
Ash KetchumAyyaAyya's Azumarill
Ayya's FeraligatrAyya's MarillAyya's Pidgeot
Ayya's Red GyaradosAyya's TyphlosionBS0114
BS148 (Valentine's Day Special)BaileyBailey's Glaceon
Bailey's JumpluffBailey's LeafeonBailey's Pichu
Bailey's Plusle & MinunBailey's StaraptorBest Friend series
Blue (PA)Brine (move)Brock
CarolinaCarolina's AbsolCarolina's Garchomp
Carolina's GardevoirCarolina's JigglypuffCarolina's Meganium
Carolina's VaporeonDaikiDawn
Dawn's BunearyDawn's CyndaquilDawn's Mamoswine
Dawn's PachirisuDawn's PiplupDawn's Togekiss
Encore (move)Ethan GoldburstEve
Facade (move)Fairytales027Fairytales028
Fairytales029Fairytales030Forever Friends Series
GiinyGlace CupGold
Gold's AmbipomGrass Knot (move)HGSS044
HGSS: Johto League BattlesHydro PumpJohto Grand Festival
KamiraLeaf (game)Light Screen (move)
List of Clothing in the anime (Battle Showdown)M28Magical Leaf (move)
Makafi GymMatoMax
Nitro Charge (move)PT174Perish Song (move)
Pokemon HGSS WikiPsychic (move)Raito Gym
Red (PA)RinriaRiona
RobinRobin's AlakazamRobin's Cyndaquil
SapphireSapphire's AbsolSapphire's Beautifly
Sapphire's CombuskenSapphire's CroconawSapphire's Meganium
Sapphire's MunchlaxSapphire's RioluSapphire's Skitty
Sapphire's SwampertSapphire's UmbreonShiroi Tsuki
Sinnoh 2nd Grand FestivalSoraTsaanin Gym
YokoYoko's InfernapeYoko's Staraptor
File:251px-FireRed LeafGreen Leaf.pngFile:289px-Wendy color.jpgFile:303px-HeartGold SoulSilver Ethan.png
File:343px-164Noctowl.pngFile:362px-156Quilava.pngFile:Anime Encore.png
File:Anime Facade.pngFile:Anime Grass Knot 1.pngFile:Anime Grass Knot 2.png
File:Anime Grass Knot 3.pngFile:BS023.jpgFile:BS024-Error.png
File:Best Friend Characters.pngFile:Blue Adventures.pngFile:Caroline.png
File:ChaspriteVS.pngFile:DP174.pngFile:DPHydro pump.png
File:DP Platinum HGSS Deoxys Attack Forme.pngFile:DP Platinum HGSS Deoxys Defense Forme.pngFile:DP Platinum HGSS Deoxys Normal Forme.png
File:DP Platinum HGSS Deoxys Speed Forme.pngFile:DP Platinum HGSS Latios.pngFile:Dawn contest.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Game Light Screen.pngFile:Game Psychic.png
File:Gold HGSS Special.pngFile:HGSS Abra.pngFile:HGSS Alakazam.png
File:HGSS Cyndaquil.pngFile:HGSS Dragonair.pngFile:HGSS Dragonite.png
File:HGSS Espeon.pngFile:HGSS Jolteon.pngFile:HGSS Lapras.png
File:HGSS Mantine.pngFile:HGSS Mr. Mime.pngFile:HGSS Nidorino.png
File:HGSS Ninetales.pngFile:HGSS Slowbro.pngFile:KamiraspriteVS.png
File:M28 Logo.pngFile:MirissaspriteVS.pngFile:Movie 28 Miki and Manta.png
File:Perish Song.pngFile:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.png
File:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.pngFile:Platinum HGSS Cresselia.png
File:Platinum HGSS Gatrodon East Sea.pngFile:Platinum HGSS Honchkrow.pngFile:Platinum HGSS Shellos East Sea.png
File:Red Special.pngFile:RinriaspriteVS.pngFile:Riona.png
File:Sapphire.jpgFile:Sapphire art from SLMN.jpgFile:Sapphire art from SLMN2.jpg
File:Sora Official SLMN Artwork.pngFile:SoraspriteVS.pngFile:Spr 4d 255 f.png
File:Spr 4d 256 f.pngFile:Spr 4d 258.pngFile:Spr 4d 259.png
File:Spr 4d 260.pngFile:Spr 4d 300.pngFile:Spr 4d 301.png
File:Spr 4d 311.pngFile:Spr 4d 312.pngFile:Spr 4d 360.png
File:Spr 4d 385.pngFile:Spr 4h 018.pngFile:Spr 4h 039.png
File:Spr 4h 078.pngFile:Spr 4h 130 f s.pngFile:Spr 4h 133.png
File:Spr 4h 134.pngFile:Spr 4h 152.pngFile:Spr 4h 153.png
File:Spr 4h 154.pngFile:Spr 4h 157.pngFile:Spr 4h 158.png
File:Spr 4h 159.pngFile:Spr 4h 160.pngFile:Spr 4h 172.png
File:Spr 4h 175.pngFile:Spr 4h 176.pngFile:Spr 4h 183.png
File:Spr 4h 184.pngFile:Spr 4h 185 m.pngFile:Spr 4h 186 m.png
File:Spr 4h 189.pngFile:Spr 4h 190 m.pngFile:Spr 4h 192.png
File:Spr 4h 197.pngFile:Spr 4p 265.pngFile:Spr 4p 266.png
File:Spr 4p 267 m.pngFile:Spr 4p 282.pngFile:Spr 4p 359.png
File:Spr 4p 380.pngFile:Spr 4p 392.pngFile:Spr 4p 393.png
File:Spr 4p 397 m.pngFile:Spr 4p 398 m.pngFile:Spr 4p 405 f.png
File:Spr 4p 424 m.pngFile:Spr 4p 427.pngFile:Spr 4p 445 m.png
File:Spr 4p 446.pngFile:Spr 4p 447.pngFile:Spr 4p 470.png
File:Spr 4p 471.pngFile:Spr 4p 489.pngFile:Spr 5b 006.png
File:Spr 5b 009.pngFile:Spr 5b 468.pngFile:Spr 5b 547.png
File:Spr 5b 549.pngFile:Spr 5b 610.pngFile:Spr 5b 612.png

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