HGSS: Johto League Battles is a fanfic based off the games HeartGold and SoulSilver series.

Characters Edit

Ethan Goldburst

Ethan Goldburst is the main protagonist in HGSS: Johto League Battles. He is a 10-year old trainer that has lived in the Johto region for three months now. He has studied everything about pokemon since he was about 8 years old, being given the title of a walking encyclopediae. But, this only extends to the knowledge of pokemon, whereas he is usually clueless about most other things in the world. He is very intelligent, despite this. He also Lyra's best friends. In the first special, he falls in love with Crys making Lyra jealous.

Lyra Silverheart

Lyra Silverheart is the female protagonist in HGSS:Johto League Battles. She is also 10-years old and have lived in the Johto Region for most of her life, residing in New Bark Town as well as Ethan. Lyra has studied more of the overworld than pokemon, but she is still quite bright in that department as well. She can be clueless and sometimes forgets something. She is Ethan's best friends. In the first special, she becomes jealous about Ethan falls in love with Crys.

Barry Tycoon

Barry is a trainer in the Johto Region, and the antagonist of the series HGSS: Johto League Battles. He is 11-years old one year older than Ethan, he first appeared to be hyper-actived but later serious about Ethan beating him up many more times. In the first special, Barry is revealed to be Ash's fanboy.

Nicole Clear

Nicole is a coordinator that Lyra made her as a rival. She is very skilled, and has currently, on-screen, attained 3 ribbons and shown to be talented with her skills in contests. On numerous occasions, she has upstaged Lyra, but she has also been beaten by the latter. Also, she has very quick-witted smarts on pokemon and has tutored Lyra and even Ethan on certain things they seemed to be block-brained on. She is very intelligent and skilled with a variety of things. She can be seen as a stubborn when Gold tells her about he likes her fighting skill.

Jim Dian

Jim is another rival of Lyra's. He is shown to be very easy going and quick to act, but is not as smart as Lyra's other rival, Nicole. He seems to have smarts in the area of contests and basic pokemon care, and seems to want to know more and also become a breeder. He has currently been on a hot-streak with collecting ribbons.

Gym LeadersEdit


So far there are 3 ongoing seasons in the main series, and the series is currently with the opening, Born to be a Winner.


Season 1, Opening: I Wanna be a Hero

Season 2, Opening: Pokemon Medley

Season 3, Opening: Born to be a Winner