Gold (Japanese: ゴールド Gold) is a new Main Character of the Pokemon Anime.

Gold HGSS Special

Gold's ProfileEdit

  • Name: Gold
  • Japanese Name: ゴールド Gold
  • Age: 14(Debut),15(HGSS),16(BS)
  • Gender: Male
  • Hometown: New Bark Town
  • Region: Johto
  • Family:
    • Unnamed Mom
  • Class:
    • Trainer
    • Breeder
  • First Appearance: 'Time Warp Heals All Over'



Spr 4h 157

Spr 4h 190 mSpr 4p 424 m

Spr 4h 185 m

Typhlosion Ambipom Sudowoodo

Spr 4h 192

Spr 4h 186 m

Spr 4h 175Spr 4h 176

Sunflora Politoed Togetic


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