The Glace Cup is a special Pokémon Contest hosted and judged by Snowpoint Gym Leader[Diamond and Pearl/Platinum] Candace. The Glace Cup lasts for 3 days and is hosted at various locations through the world, and the most recent one was hosted at Lake Acuity in Sinnoh, with the prize being the Icicle Ribbon that counts towards any region's Grand Festival, not merely that of the region it is won in. For this reason, Coordinators migrated from all around the nation to compete in it.

The coordinators may use water/ice type Pokémon, as they have much advantage to the field where the exhibits are competing but not all are of this type, because, for example May I use Beautifly, Venusaur, Skitty and Glaceon only when I use just fights his Wartortle on display. The aqua ribbon used for any contest, and Great Festival worldwide, this is counted as one contest Ribbon normal, but that is universal to all regions. The jury is Nurse Joy, Sukizo, Raul Answer, Plubio and as a presenter and co-presenter Marian Jesselina (disguised).


Day 1Edit

Appeals Round (Single Performance)

The first 32 contestant attend to the first Round but only 16 allowed to compete on the next round.

Day 2Edit

Battle Round (Double Battle)

The first 16 contestant on the second round which a Double Battle is held only 8 allowed to the next round.

Day 3Edit

Battle Round (Single Battle)

The 8 lucky contestant intends on a Single battle and compete to the finals which the winner gets the Glace Ribbon.


Coordinators Pokémon used
Sapphire Spr 4h 159Spr 4p 267 mSpr 4h 197Spr 4h 154Spr 4d 260Spr 4p 447
May Spr 4p 267 m


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