Kanto's Festival! (Japanese: カント祭り Kanto Matsuri!) is the 27th episode of Pokemon Special Fairytales!.


The PokeDex Holders decided to go to Indigo Plateu's festival. During there, Sora and Satoshi seems to like each other but what will the others knows this?


The episode begins with Satoshi having breakfast and checks his Pokegear. Sora appears and fall downs from the stairs and screams out loud. Satoshi help her get up and seeing her sad face. He ask her if she is okay and Sora replied angrily and begun to apologize to Satoshi and ran out of the house to school. At school, Gold and Crystal walks to the theater club room and saw the other Dexholders were sleeping (except Sora, Green and Silver) and Gold enthusiastically wokes them up using a megaphone much to Crystal's dismay. Satoshi notices that Gold brought a poster about Indigo Plateu's festival and he decides to talk the others about having go to the festival which everybody nods in agreement except Sora, who still in a sad moment but Ruby snaps her out by asking her want to go and she replied with a happy face. Gold surprised her by touching Sora's shoulder but Silver and Crystal knocks him out while Sora could only giggled. At night, Satoshi still wondering why Sora is sad and then Blue appears at his window and ask him to go together at the festival tomorrow making Satoshi blush harder. The Next day, Satoshi and Sora went out and head out to Indigo Plateu by using Staraptor and Beautifly. Satoshi notices Sora's sad face again and ask her again and she replied that she is okay as the two arrived at Indigo Plateu.

Both of them meet Red and Green who waited for them in front of the Indigo Plateu. Satoshi and Sora go over to them, Red later notices Sora's sad face and asked her, Sora ignore him and told him not to ask a question which make Red shock.

Characters that appearsEdit


  • Satoshi
  • Sora
  • Red
  • Green (boy)
  • Blue (girl)
  • Yellow
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Crystal
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Diamod
  • Pearl
  • Platinum
  • Prof. Oak
  • Daisy Oak
  • Students
  • Booth Operator
  • Nurse Joy
  • Mr. Sukizo


  • Pikachu (Satoshi's; Sora's; Pika-Red's; Chuchu-Yellow's)
  • Wigglytuff (Blue's)
  • Blaziken (Toro-Sapphire's)
  • Feraligatr (Silver's)
  • Castform (Popo-Ruby's)
  • Munchlax (Sora's; Lax-Diamond's)
  • Sceptile (Emerald's)
  • Meganium (Satoshi's)
  • Beautifly (Sora's)
  • Staraptor (Satoshi's)
  • Weavile (Silver's)
  • Pachirisu (Platinum's)
  • Smoochum (Chumee-Crystal's)
  • Ambipom (Ataro-Gold's)
  • Chansey (Lucky-tchi-Daisy's; Nurse Joy's)
  • Sentret
  • Natu
  • Xatu
  • Teddiursa (multiple)
  • Pokemon Dolls


  1. Opening : Go Go Maniac!
  2. Ending  : Listen!!

Festival Concert

  1. U & I
  2. Fuwa Fuwa Time!
  3. Pure Pure Heart-used in the end of the episode
  4. Tokimeki Sugar
  5. My Heartful Song
  6. C.H.E.R.R.Y