(Japanese: イヴ Ivu) is a character and antagonist in The Wish Maker: Jirachi.

Eve is an employee of the Dark Mask Network. She is Dark Mask's right-hand mand and bodyguard. As such, she is tasked with keeping any potential interference under control while her boss searches for the "Phantom Pokemon" in the Illusion Forest. Eve also has a friendshipness with Ash unlike the others she treated anything but wounded with her Poison Sword.

Eve's ProfileEdit

  • Name: Eve
  • Japanese Name: イヴ Ivu
  • Gender: Female
  • Hometown: Unknown
  • Region: Kanto
  • Anime Debut: The Wish Maker: Jirachi



HGSS Ninetales Platinum HGSS Honchkrow
Eve's Ninetales Eve's Honchkrow (two)


DP Platinum HGSS Deoxys Normal FormeDP Platinum HGSS Deoxys Attack FormeDP Platinum HGSS Deoxys Defense FormeDP Platinum HGSS Deoxys Speed Forme


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