Ethan Goldburst is the main character in my fanfic HGSS: Johto League Battles.

303px-HeartGold SoulSilver Ethan

Ethan Goldburst
Name Ethan Goldburst
Age 10
Gender Male
Height 4'10
Hair Black
Eyes Grey
Hometown New Bark Town, Johto
Region Johto
Relatives Mother (Nancy Goldburst)



His Battle SuccessesEdit

VS. Barry: Win

VS. Falkner: Win

VS. Proton: Win

VS. Barry: Win

VS. Barry: Win

VS. Whitney: Win

VS. Morty: Win

VS. Battle Frontier Darach & Caitlyn: Loss w/Lyra

VS. Nicole & Barry: Win w/Lyra

VS. Red: Loss

VS. Ash & Dawn: Win w/Lyra

Pokemon On TeamEdit



Quilava was the outcome of Ethan's starter pokemon, Cyndaquil, after it evolved when trying to protect the Three Legendary Beast inside of the Burnt Tower. It helped Ethan wins a couple of his badge so far. It knew moves such as Lava Plume and Flamethrower.

Obtained In: A Newly Bark'ed Journey!

Evolved In: The Three Beast Part 2



Noctowl is Ethan's first Pokemon to be caught as a Hoot Hoot, later it evolved into Notowl during Ethan's fourth gym match. It is very Powerful and agile knowing moves like Air Slash.

Caught at: Newly Bark'ed Journey!

Evolved In: Ghost of a Chance!





Pokemon He Used to HaveEdit

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