Dawn's Piplup (ヒカリのポッチャマ Hikari's Pochama) is Dawn's first Pokémon. She befriended him after saving him from an Ariados's attack, when Piplup and Chimchar had fled from Professor Rowan's lab.

Profile Edit

  • Debuts In: Following a Maiden's Voyage.
  • Caught At: Sandgem Town
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Unknown
  • Current Location: With Dawn


Known MovesEdit

Known Moves First Used In
Bubblebeam Following a Maiden's Voyage
Bide Following a Maiden's Voyage
Peck Following a Maiden's Voyage
Whirlpool Getting The Pre-Contest Titter
Hydro Pump DP164
Ice Beam BS03


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