Daiki (Japanese: だい気 Daiki) is one of the Main Protagonist of Pokemon Adventures!. He is a dragon slayer mage. Even though he was cool and calm, he could also been seen klutz as seen when Sora told him to pronounce a good word. After Oración Seis arc, he becomes a Pokedex Holder.


だい気 Daiki

Daiki as he appears in the second half of the series.

Age 17 (as of the second half of the series)
Gender Male
Birthdate 17 October (Libra)
Eye color Brown/Red (seal broken)
Hair color Brown/Black (seal broken)
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto
Trainer class Pokemon Trainer
Relatives Red(Half-self), Ai(Younger sister), Shagotte(mother), Brezza(foster father)
Team Dragon Slayers
Previous Team Light Allience
Partner Ai
Debut round Oración Seis Appears!
Unusual Feature Enchanced Smells, has a crush on Sora.
Magic Sky Dragon Slayer Magic.
Alias Sky Wizard, Daiki the Black Wizard (former)




Oración Seis arcEdit

Animas arcEdit

Tower of Heaven arcEdit

Region Festival arcEdit

Dragon Slayers arcEdit

Elements arcEdit

S-Trainer Trial arcEdit


This is listing of Daiki's Pokemon during the second half of the series:

Spr 5b 009 Spr 5b 468 Spr 5b 612 Spr 5b 547

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Sky Dragon Slayer Magic: Like Ai, Daiki knows "Dragon Slayer" magic, which he learned from the dragon, Brezza. However, his Dragon Slayer magic deals with air rather than fire or hot air. Just as Ai eats fire to regain her strength, he can also eat air to regain his own strength. Even though Ai could learn a high-leveled healing magic, he could learn a high skill healing magic which drains a lot of the users magic powers also he couldn't heal people if ate a pollution air.


  • Sky Dragon's Roar
  • High-leveled Skill Healing Magic
  • Sky Dragon's Wings
    • Flight
  • Sky Dragon's Tornado
  • Sky Dragon's Hurricane Blast
  • Sky Dragon's Air Slicer

Dragon Slayer Secret Technique:

  • Sky Swords: X-Blade


Enchanced Smell

Enchanced Resistance

Sky Dragon's Seal

Darkness Magic: After the dragon seal being broken, Daiki could use darkness magic. Like Jellal, his darkness magic designed like a Ghost like he used Ghosts hands and Ghosts Trap.


Telephatic Communication

Mind Reading


Animas Magic: Elemental Arrows

  • Lightning: Zapdos, Raikou, Zekrom
  • Ice: Articuno, Regice
  • Tornado
  • Spark
  • Sunlight

Gale-Reading Force Glasses


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