Carolina's Jigglypuff (Japanese: ドリーム プリン Yume's Purin) first appeared in HGSS173 which was used in the Appeal round and semi-Finals of Johto Grand Festival.

Jigglypuff used in appeal with hearts seal and continued by using sing.

Jigglypuff was used in the semi-finals with Gardevoir against Mayla's Mightyena and pachirisu and made Carolina in to the finals.

In BS010, it was used again in the appeal round by Carolina but with flower seal and still using sing.


  • Debuts in: HGSS173
  • Caught at: between Violet City and Azelea Town
  • Gender: Unknown
  • Ability: Cute Charm
  • Current Location: with Carolina

Moves UsedEdit

Moves Used First Used
Sing HGSS173
Rollout HGSS175
Gyro Ball BS010
Mimic BS010
Icy Wind BS010
ThunderPunch BS010

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