Carolina's Gardevoir (Japanese: ドリーム サーナイトYume's Sirknight) first debut in Goldenroad City Contest where it used on the appeal round and later used it on the semi-finals. Carolina uses Gardevoir to by using a Light seal that Gardevoir could perfect it on the appeal round.

Gardevoir along with Jigglypuff was used in the semi-finals by Carolina in Johto Grand Festival against Mayla's Mightyena and Pachirisu which Carolina enter in the finals.

It was used again in BS011 in Marigold City Contest at the finals against Dawn's Cyndaquil and win by knocking out Cyndaquil's SmokeScreen.


  • Debuts in: HGSS026
  • Caught at: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Synchronize
  • Current Location: With Carolina

Moves UsedEdit

Moves Used First Used
Teleport HGSS026
Confusion HGSS026
Magical Leaf HGSS026
Psychic HGSS175
Thunder Wave HGSS175
Grass Knot BS011
Destiny Bond BS011
Fire Punch BS011