Bailey's Plusle & Minun (ミュウ プラスル & マイナン Miu's Prasle & Minun) is Bailey's fifth pokemon to be obtained.


  • Debuts In: HGSS161
  • Caught At: Unknown
  • Gender: Unknown
  • Ability:
    • Plus (Plusle)
    • Minus (Minun)
  • Current Location: WIth Bailey


For the Double Performance required in Garcia Contest, Bailey brought her along Plusle and Minun, Pokemon which are known for performing well together. Seeing the two Cheering Pokemon brought back bad memories for Sapphire, as she was forced to remember how she gained the nicknamed 'Sapphy'. Bailey planned on using Sapphire's bad memories against her by using Plusle and Minun during the Battle Round of the Contest. However, Sapphire overcome her fear and defeated the two cheering pokemon with her Combusken and Skitty. They were seen again along with Bailey's Pokemon watching Sapphire and Carolina's battle in HGSS177.

Known MovesEdit


Known Moves First Used
Encore HGSS161
Helping Hand HGSS161
Thunder Wave HGSS162
Fake Tears HGSS162
Swift HGSS162
Charge Beam HGSS162
Grass Knot HGSS162


Known Moves First Used
Encore HGSS161
Helping Hand HGSS161
Swift HGSS162
Quick Attack HGSS162
Spark HGSS162
Charge Beam HGSS162
Facade HGSS162

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