Ayya (オーロラ Oorora) is a recurring character in Pokemon Anime who debuted in BS023.

Ash and friends first met Ayya when her Marill wandered off and they found it between two buildings. She introduced herself as a Trainer, She travels to Johto with her best friend Erick. Later, She ask Dawn,Sapphire, and Ash to participate in the Johto Island Festival. Ayya make it to the finals and battling against Sapphire but eventually she lost and rewarded Sapphire a Pokemon Egg. At the end of the episode, Ayya and Erick join Ash's Group because they wanted to watch the upcoming Cyclamen Town Contest that Sapphire and Dawn would participated in.

It is implied in BS024 that Ayya has an interested in Red. She admires his bravery and wishes that Erick wold act more like him. Ayya even asked Sapphire if she and Red are couples though Sapphire quickly denies it. In BS025, She attempted Ash and Sapphire together as a couple before eventually realizing she had feelins for Red.

In BS027, she and Erick had a tag battle against Ash and Sapphire in the Cyclamen Colosseum. Both Ayya and Erick eventually lost the battle.

Later they headed back to Kanto with Erick's Mother. Ayya plans to challenging Misty and Forrest. Also, upon her request, Erick decided to became her traveling buddy. They promised Ash and his friend that they would see them again.


  • Name: Ayya
  • Japanese Name: オーロラ Oorora
  • Gender: Female
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Dark Blue
  • Hometown: New Bark Town
  • Region: Johto
  • Class:
    • Trainer
  • First Appearance: BS023


This listing of Ayya's known Pokemon:

Spr 4h 183 Spr 4h 157 Spr 4h 160 Spr 4h 184 Spr 4h 018 Spr 4h 130 f s
Marill Typhlosion Feraligatr Azumarill Pidgeot Gyarados

Badges obtainedEdit


  • Zephyr Badge
  • Hive Badge
  • Plain Badge
  • Fog Badge
  • Storm Badge
  • Mineral Badge
  • Glacier Badge
  • Rising Badge


  • Marsh Badge
  • Rainbow Badge
  • Soul Badge
  • Thunder Badge


  • Ayya is the third Anime Character based on a female player character seen to have badges, the second one was Yoko, and the first one is Lyra.
  • In the japanese version, Ayya sometimes making the word -Desu~~ at the end of her senteces.
  • Ayya sometimes pronouns Dawn's name as Dany(Hikarin) and Sapphire Sarry(Ririn)
    • Lyra and Marilyn, also called Dawn Hikarin in japanese. However, they both refer her as Dane and Dawny in English Dub.