Ai (Japanese: あい Ai) is the one of the Main Protagonist of Pokemon Adventures!. She is a young dragon slayer and a celestial Pokemon mage. Despite her first appearance she is seem to be polite but later after Animas arc she becomes more hotheaded. After the Oración Seis arc, she becomes a Pokedex Holder.


あい Ai

289px-Wendy colorAi as she appears in the secnd half of the series
Age 13 (as of the second half of the series)
Gender Female
Birthdate 11 July (Cancer)
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Blue
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto
Trainer class Pokemon Trainer
Relatives Daiki(Older brother), Shagotte(mother), Brezza(foster father)
Team Dragon Slayers
Previous Team Light Allience
Partner Daiki
Debut round The Day of the Fateful Encounter
Unusual Features Enchanced Smell, problem height
Magic Fire Dragon Slayer & Celestial Pokemon Magic.
Alias Fire Sorceress (by Brain and Sora)


With her brother, she was raised by a dragon Brezza and Shagotte for some time. However, one day Brezza and Shagotte suddenly disappeared and left them alone when she was around the age of five. They run into Sora. Sora then took care of them even though she still young. Ai called her sister when took care of her until she was ten. After Sora died in a battle, she wanders off with her brother.


Ai is a cute little girl with long, dark blue hair and brown eyes. Like all dragon slayers, her canine teeth are a bit longer than other people. She's generally wears a loose fitting dress with sandals however, after Oracion Seis arc, she wears a normal casual outfit like everyone and change it in every story arcs. In the second season until onward, her long hair been done in a pigtail. Her Dragon Slayer mark is located the same as Red and Blue's and the color is light blue.


Ai has a very shy and polite personality during her first appearance. She is always seen with her brother, Daiki, they have a good relationship much like Green and Silver. She is very eager to make friends and even cares about her fellow friends. She changes her shy into a stubborn personality after Animas arc, where she has a fiercely rival with Juvia even though they befriends during Tower of Heaven arc, Juvia still thought that Ai was steal her wannabe-boyfriend, her own brother.


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This is listing of Ai's Pokemon during the second half of the series:

Spr 5b 006 Spr 5b 468 Spr 5b 610 Spr 5b 549

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